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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Installing and repairing garage door openers is something we specialize in, and we work with major brands in the industry.

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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

We can fix and service worn out garage door parts and accessories anytime.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our technicians will handle all repairs, replacements and new installation of garage door springs and other door parts with expertise.

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Efficient Overhead Garage Door Repair And Service

Get answers to all your questions about garage door openers and parts. Scroll below.

Are glass garage doors considered safe?

Glass garage doors are equally safe as any other garage door. Since they come out in different types, they will need the same maintenance and treatment as any other door according to our specialists in Boxborough. As for safety from glass, if you install glass panels made of safety glass, you can have peace of mind.

Should I get torsion or extension springs?

The selection of the right garage door springs depends on the weight of the door. In some cases, people are called to install both extension and torsion springs. In some other cases, the system requires two torsion springs. The ultimate decision must be taken based on the size and mainly on the weight of the door.

What's the best garage door type?

All garage door types are great and the real question is whether a particular one will be practical for your own property. The door stability, strengths and longevity don't depend on its type according to Garage Door Repair Boxborough but on maintenance and the quality of materials. The type depends on space in the garage area.

Should I get aluminum or steel doors?

The truth is that steel garage doors are much stronger and can provide greater insulation and protection. Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage of aluminum overhead doors is that they are resistant and won't erode but they dent easily, are lightweight and they are not the proper ones for strong winds and hurricane prone regions.

I have an old wooden garage door, what can I do for maintenance?

It might take a bit of effort, but the best way to deal with an old wooden garage door is with paint. Inside and out, every inch of it needs to be coated with fresh paint, perhaps once every few months.

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